Ogre is a web client (service) that translates spatial files into GeoJSON using the ogr2ogr command line tool for use in web applications and frameworks.

Convert to GeoJSON

Must be a supported format. See below.

Note: GeoJSON can only support one layer

Convert from GeoJSON

Note: Shapefiles can only support one geometry type

Accessing Ogre using a POST request

You can perform Ogre transformations directly by making a HTTP POST request:

Convert to GeoJSON

http://ogre.adc4gis.com/convert with the following params:

Convert from GeoJSON to Shapefile (or specified format)

http://ogre.adc4gis.com/convertJson with one of the following params:

Where can I watch the project status, report issues, contribute, or fork the code?

Issues and feature requests can be submitted here and to watch, fork and/or contribute to the project, visit the github page .

"Orc Head" drawing by Jason J. Patterson